Why Participate?

You will get paid

Most experiments pay participants about $25 per hour. Sometimes the payment depends on choices you and your fellow participants make, so it will vary.

You will contribute to science

If you’ve ever read an academic paper in economics or the social sciences that referenced experiments, chances are that it started in a laboratory like PExL. Experimental research is fundamental for understanding behavior and guiding economic and political choices of various institutions and policies.

You will have fun (mostly)

In many experiments you will play games with other participants. Sometimes you’ll have to take a survey or do other housework, but mostly you’ll get to strategize.

PExL and ethics standards

All research conducted at PExL undergoes a rigorous review by Princeton’s Institutional Review Board (IRB). You can read more here. In particular, the researchers and the lab will never reveal your identity. This commitment to you comes from professional ethics standards and U.S. law. In addition, PExL is committed to conducting straightforward experiments, with no subject deception permitted.

You should read this not-so-fine print

You must be at least eighteen years old and a Princeton University community member to participate. Your participation is voluntary and will be kept confidential. Your payments will also be kept confidential. You can deactivate your profile at any time.
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