Becoming a PExL Experimenter

So, you're ready to run some experiments. In order for you to recruit participants from the PExL subject pool, and to run experiments in the lab, we require you to meet the following requirements:
  • You will need Princeton IRB approval of an experimental protocol before approaching us. We can grant access to to lab only when everyone involved in the design, setup, conduct, or supervision of the experiment is mentioned by name on the approved Princeton protocol.
  • You or one of your co-experimenters must be affiliated with Princeton University and have a valid Princeton University ID card. If you are not a faculty member, you must register for experiments under a faculty-sponsored protocol.
  • After you have IRB approval, you or any Princeton-affiliated member of your team should create a profile on our system and then add a new experiment. We will review your profile and notify you of its approval.
  • Once approved, you will need to contact PExL's director or administrative staff to schedule an introduction to the facilities, discuss logistics, and pin down further details.
  • You will be using our recruiting system managed by Sona Systems to schedule experiments and recruit participants. Instructions for using their system can be found here.
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